Located in Sointula
Come and experience the pleasure of interacting with Tundra, Nahanni & Mahikan.

By watching wolf behaviour, we can study this highly intelligent animal that is also a very sentient creature and begin to understand why this animal plays such a vitally important part in creating and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Watch the natural behaviour of Nahanni and Mahikan as they play with each other, compete with each other and bond with each other. These behaviours will also be observed by watching short videos of Nahanni, Mahikan, and Tundra. Tours run 3 - 5 hours in duration.

Interpretative Walk
• Walk with Tundra where she demonstrates the many ecological services wolves provide.
• Examples are trophic cascades, ecology of fear, predator/prey dynamics & cognitive mapping.
Beach Walk
• Watch Tundra scent roll, play in the

Many participants have described this program as truly amazing and an unforgettable experience.
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