Located in Alert Bay
There is no other tour like it. Seasmoke Whale Watching is the only daily whale-watch tour by sailing vessel on the BC coast!

Sail with the whales…. moving quietly and sharing in spirit with orcas, dolphins, humpback and minke whales. For some, the experience of viewing orcas while sailing is the ultimate.

If you are looking for a tour that is truly Eco-friendly, these tours are for you. We have been offering these ecologically friendly tours for the last 27 years. On tour, S.V. Tuan travels by engine power at a speed that is compatible with marine life. When the orcas are foraging and it is not possible to sail, we turn off the engine and drift in the tide. Hydrophones carried on board enable passengers to listen to orca and dolphin vocalizations and if they are foraging, it is usual at this time that they will also be vocalizing.