The offers detailed below are the current opportunities, partnered through Vancouver Island North Tourism (VINT). The total cost of the programs listed below are either partially or fully paid by Vancouver Island North Tourism meaning the remaining cost, if any, is greatly reduced for the participating stakeholders. This may allow stakeholders to be represented where it would have otherwise been cost prohibitive.
Over 140 North Island tourism businesses have stretched their marketing dollars farther by taking advantage of the cooperative opportunities offered through Vancouver Island North Tourism. The following programs are now available for you to get involved!

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RecMapCoverOrder Vancouver Island North Recreation Maps

Vancouver Island North Tourism produces a recreation map on a two-year print cycle. The third-edition, printed in 2015, is currently available. If you would like copies for your location, please email your requested quantity (bundled in 50s), and the delivery address to
There is no charge for ordering or delivery of guides.

Facebook Targeted Marketing Opportunity with Online Boosted Posts

Target Markets:

  • BC, Alberta & Washington
  •  England & Germany

Stakeholder Rates: $214 – $294

Two posts will be created for each participating stakeholder, one with the main message about the region/activity and one with the main message about the stakeholder – both ads will include links to the VINT and to the stakeholder Facebook pages with one main feature link.
Booking deadline Feb 10/17. Space is limited. For more information contact:

Karen Bonell, Vancouver Island North Tourism

P: 250 792-3733|

For full details:

Local Campaign

European Campaign

Coast Mountain Culture

Stakeholder Rate

Option 1: Spring/Summer 2017 Issue – $428

  • Outdoor & Mountain Culture Readership
  • Readership of over 100,000
  • Magazine is considered a “coffee table piece” designed to be eye catching
  • Formatted ad design included

Booking deadline Feb 27/17. For more information contact:

Karen Bonell, Vancouver Island North Tourism

P: 250 792-3733|

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 Tell Us Your Story

We want your stories for the Vancouver Island North website, so we’re making it easier than ever to share stories about the people and places you’re passionate about. By telling your story, it personalizes the experience and connects readers to the content. There is no cost involved for your story to be shared in our blog so why not get the word out?
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Website Listings

Complimentary listing: FREE, Enhanced listing: $95

Get your business listed on the regional tourism website. Complimentary and Enhanced options available.
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