Diving the waters off the coast of North Vancouver Island provides an experience that is unparalleled. Where else can you expect to see a pod of porpoises or white-sided dolphins swim past or to dance with sea lions and seals?

Your Vancouver Island North Stories

If you’ve ever visited Vancouver Island North, chances are you’ve got an amazing story to share, an unforgettable, epic adventure that you’ve told around the dinner table for years before, and many to come. It’s just that kind of place.

We’re here to ask you to tell your story just one more time. We want your letters, your blogs, your videos, your photos. We want to share your North Island adventures with the entire world, because we want them to know what a special place the North Island truly is, and we think your stories are the best way to do it.


Share-your-story-Fly fisher - BJerrittSo go on our Facebook page and upload your favourite photos or stories, go on Twitter and Instagram, and tag your North Island adventure photos with the hashtag #gonorthisland. If you’ve got a video, upload it to Youtube. Make sure you name it “My Vancouver Island North Adventure” so we can find it.

sointula-art-calendar-2015.fwWe promise to read every story, tweet every tweet, like every post, and love every photo. We’ll share some of our favourite stories right here on the Vancouver Island North Blog, and we’ll also choose one story each month as the editor’s favourite and send it out in our newsletter. If we end up using your story on our blog, we’ll send you a token of our appreciation.

One lucky person in December will receive a beautiful 2015 Sointula Art Calendar.

We hope we’ve inspired you to dust off your cameras and keyboards and create something great, and we’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

The story of fishing on Vancouver Island North is one that starts long ago, dating back to the original settlers and aboriginal peoples who made their fortunes and built their communities around the abundant waters of the Pacific.

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Hiking around the northern tip of Vancouver Island is an opportunity to awaken your senses. The richness of this region is one that truly can be seen, smelled, felt and heard.

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