Go Fishing: a Tasty Souvenir

Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island NorthFishing is as much a part of Vancouver Island North as the sun and the moon. The waters surrounding the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada are teeming with life. They are an integral part of the ecosystem, providing food for all types of local residents, including wildlife and people.

Visitors to the region are able to enjoy the bounty of the seas in a multitude of ways. Take a hands on approach and book a fishing charter with one of our local guides. There’s nothing like the feeling of reeling in your very own wild pacific salmon. A fishing charter often brings the added benefit of providing a front row seat in Mother Nature’s theatre. Fish are the food of choice for many local creatures so don’t be surprised to see eagles, sea lions or even a whale snacking on the local fare.



For those guests less inclined to test their sea legs, perhaps sampling a traditionally prepared cedar plank salmon at a local cultural event is more to their liking. As a traditional food of the Kwakwaka’wakw, described by some as the Salmon People, wild salmon is often an honoured part of ceremonial feasts and dances.

Local wildlife dine year round on the richness of the surrounding waters. Even those guests to the region that do not eat fish themselves will appreciate their prominent role in the community. Activities such as whale watching or bear tours are available because the wildlife finds food so plentiful in the region. Thank you again to the salmon.

Looking for the perfect souvenir to take back? Visit one of the local fish processing facilities such as Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse or Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish in Port Hardy and have your catch smoked or processed ready for transport.  If you don’t have enough of your own catch, you can always purchase custom made varieties of candied salmon or jerky to indulge your taste buds at home and share your memories with friends.