No Two Days Are The Same

Buckle up and settle in for the fishing expedition of a lifetime.
The story of fishing on Vancouver Island North is one that starts long ago, dating back to the original settlers and aboriginal peoples who made their fortunes and built their communities around the abundant waters of the Pacific.

Today, only traces remain of the original settlers. Their hand-built boats have given way to sleek fishing vessels built for comfort, outfitted with everything you need to catch the big ones, and write your own legendary fishing adventure.

The waters here are teeming with life, the oceans, rivers, and streams abundant with nature’s bounty. On the North Island, each and every cast of the line offers an opportunity to hook a big one. Play your cards right, you may join the ranks of local legends who’ve hooked rare 200lb giant halibut, 70lb ling cod, and 45lb King salmon.

Fishing up here is a chance to test your mettle against the denizens of the deep; to stand waist-high in a stream and cast your line, and hope for luck. To explore the remote streams and rivers of the rainforest, and discover the unique challenges of fishing the deep Pacific.
The best spots here are like buried treasure, but bend the ear of the right local, and they just might lead you to find gold.

At the end of the day, only one question remains. Will you be telling tall tales of the one that got away, or will you stand victorious with your catch of the day?

From Alert Bay to Quatsino and Winter Harbour, there are incredible opportunities to explore saltwater and freshwater fishing in some of the most fertile grounds found anywhere.

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