Lonely Planet #2 Canadian Adventure

#2 of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Canadian Adventures Happens on Vancouver Island North

The popular international travel guide, Lonely Planet, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Canadian Adventures and a uniquely North Island experience has ranked #2!  Killer whale watching is the adventure activity and, more specifically, killer whale watching from a kayak.

Kayaking - Kingfisher AdventuresNorth Island waters have been identified as the place to be to witness these beautiful mammals.  Base camp kayak trips in Johnstone Strait allow adventurers to spend the maximum amount of time exploring the marine wildlife while offering comfortable camping amenities including dining areas and even a hot shower!  It is not uncommon to see orcas swimming past these camps while enjoying the evening campfire

Increased activity in late summer during the salmon spawning season offers an even better chance to catch sight of killer whales and many other animals on the water such as humpback whales, Steller sea lions, Minke whales, Dall’s porpoise, Pacific white-sided dolphins, marine birds and bald eagles, while grizzly and black bears take advantage by fishing from shore.

The description provided by Lonely Planet also talks about locations in the Vancouver Island North region where orcas rub their bellies on pebble beaches, the only spot in the world where they are known to do this.

Kayaking in Johnstone Strait

Photo by Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures

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