Bere Point Orca Rubbing Beach

A rare and wonderful sight to experience!

Troy Bright - Bere Point Orca RubbingFriends of the Wild Side have been researching orca rubbing behaviour for nearly twenty years.

When orcas approach a beach to rub they come into the shoreline, in as little as 6 feet of water. They move their bodies against the pebbles on the beach. Often rolling upside down, rubbing themselves along it, from the tip of their heads to the tips of their flukes. At other times just on their undersides.

The accepted hypothesis as to why these whales rub on these beaches is that it’s a cultural tradition for the Northern Resident community of orca to indulge in this behaviour.

orca-rubbing-bere-pointBere Point is one beach with this unique make up with millions of small smooth pebbles covering a long, wide gradual slope. Perfect conditions for orca to rub themselves up against without harm.
It’s one of the if not the only orca rubbing beach readily accessible to humans, with a regional park adjacent to it, and a trail to the rubbing beach. You will also find there, a viewing platform and educational signage with information about killer whales seen at Bere Point and on the BC coast.

The experience of witnessing this orca rubbing behaviour or seeing whales offshore is thrilling to many. People from all walks of life and from all over the world have been to Bere Point to look for whales and other wildlife.

Kate-BrauerTake a short trip to sunny Sointula (place of harmony in Finnish), and out to Bere Point Park, and you may be lucky enough to witness one of the amazing wonders of the world. The wild and free Orca of Vancouver Island North.

The Bere Point Rubbing Beach is the center of the research being carried out by the Friends of the Wild Side on Malcolm Island.

One piece of advice to you who may witness beach rubbing. To better your experience, and cause no disturbance to the whales, simply sit down, remain quiet and watch the wonder happen. Whales can be disturbed by human activities at the rubbing beach. So sit down and be as quiet as possible.


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