Market and industry research are important considerations for creating business plans. This page hosts a collection of our own local research and links out to resource available through other sources. If you have any questions about the content, or if you have suggestions on other research to share, please contact Joli White, Tourism Coordinator for Vancouver Island North at

2017 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile

2017 was the third consecutive year of data collection for the Vancouver Island North Visitor Experience Survey. Between June and September 2017, email addresses of visitors were collected via twenty five ballot boxes were placed across the region in businesses and locations that visitors frequent. The surveys were delivered to visitors by email and the responses collected have been analyzed to create the visitor profile.
View the full 2017 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile here…

2016 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile

See the results from the 2016 data collection for the Vancouver Island North Visitor Experience Survey.
View the full 2016 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile here…

2015 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile

See the results from the 2015 data collection for the Vancouver Island North Visitor Experience Survey.
View the full 2015 Vancouver Island North Visitor Profile here…

2015 Multi-Region Visitor Profile

In addition to the individual visitor profile created for the Vancouver Island North region in 2015, our partnership with Island Coastal Economic Trust opened up the opportunity to connect with two of our neighbouring communities, Campbell River & Region and the Comox Valley, in order to produce a profile that compared our responses and provides highlights of where there are similarities and differences between visitors to our communities. This data shows us where there are potential areas for partnership and differentiation.
View the full Multi-Region Visitor Profile here…

2018 Vancouver Island North Awareness & Desirability Survey

This report presents the research findings from January 2018 omnibus online panel survey of residents of British Columbia conducted by Oraclepoll for Vancouver Island North Tourism to measure awareness and desirability of the Vancouver Island North region. This is a tracking report and compares the results to the baseline survey that established indicators in January 2014, March 2015, February 2016, and January 2017.
See the full Vancouver Island North Awareness & Desirability report here…


Community Economic Development Plans & Resources


EQ_WordmarkThis innovative market segmentation tool comes from the science of psychographics – an evolution of the traditional field of demographics. Instead of defining people based on age, income, gender, family status or education level, all of which is valuable information, psychographics look deeper at people’s personal beliefs, social values and view of the world. It’s a major leap forward, because these factors are what drive real people to seek out certain types of experiences. This program goes beyond traditional market research to find out exactly why people travel and why different types of travellers seek out entirely different travel experiences.

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Vancouver Island Regional & Provincial Resources
Tourism Vancouver Island Research Library

TVIResearchThe Industry & Community Services team at Tourism Vancouver Island conducts research on various aspects of the tourism industry on Vancouver Island. Our aim is to provide stakeholders with the most current research to help you make informed business decisions. This section of our website contains research conducted by Tourism Vancouver Island as well as links to additional resources that are pertinent to the region.

Destination BC Tourism Indicators

DBCIndicatorThe Destination BC Tourism Indicators publication comprises key tourism statistics including customs entries data, provincial and regional room revenue, commercial restaurant receipts, provincial and regional occupancy and average daily room rates, visitor centres, regional airports, ferries, and conference centres. The Tourism Indicators data tables are published monthly.


DBCArrivalsDestination BC International Visitor Arrivals

The International Visitor Arrivals publication summarizes customs entries data to British Columbia and Canada from selected markets of origin. The International Visitor Arrivals includes information for both the particular month and the year to-date, and includes percentage changes over the same period over the previous year. The International Visitor Arrivals is published monthly.


Destination BC Vancouver Island Region Research

On this page you will find publications and reports relating to Vancouver Island region. Resources include the Vancouver Island Regional Profile which summarizes tourism indicators and provides a general overview of the area, the Value of the Visitor Centre (VC) reports which are part of an on-going research program examining travellers who use VCs, and the 2012 In-Market Consumer Research which was undertaken in late 2011 and early 2012 to provide the six tourism regions information on the perceptions from key markets including British Columbia, Alberta, Western Washington and Eastern Washington.

Destination BC Research by Market

Research publications and reports relevant to BC’s major global markets can be found on this page.

Destination BC Research by Activity

Research reports and publications relevant to visitor activities in BC or Canada can be found on this page.

Destination BC’s Short-Haul Consumer Research Report

Report focused on how short-haul travellers (Washington State, Alberta, and British Columbia) decide to visit British Columbia, what they perceive as possible destinations within the province, and the experiences that they seek within these destinations.


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