How to Update Your Listing on

Each stakeholder currently has a BASIC or an ENHANCED listing. The features associated with each of these are listed at the bottom of this page.  

If you have not registered, please fill out the Website Listing Options 2015 form.

There are TWO steps to updating your listing. Please complete both to ensure your listing is optimally presented.


Update your full page listing by logging on to the website with your username and password.Your username and password should have been emailed to you.

IF you do not have it, please send an email to with REQUEST LOGIN in the subject line and we will send it to you again.

Login Page

Watch Video Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through how to update your listing on the website.

* Note: the video tutorial uses an Enhanced Listing as an example and may contain features that you do not have in your basic listing.

For a comparison of the Complimentary and Enhanced Listings see the bottom of this page.

Note: If you would rather email your details to the website administrator instead of logging in and updating it yourself, please feel free to do so. Please put your organization name in the subject line and send your information (listed in video and in step 2 below) to:


Email two images, one for your listing header and one for your feature image, to

Due to site security, these two images must be updated by the administration and not the individual stakeholders. A default image will be inserted until they are received.

Please send the appropriate size.

1. Header Image – 1700 x 400 px ( This is the large image across the top of the page)



2. Feature Image – 230 x 150 px ( This is the small image presented with your listing at the category level. ie If a searcher is looking for accommodation in Port Hardy, all of the accommodation would be presented in a list. Clicking on that image would then take the searcher to the full page details about your property )


NOTE: Photo credit should be listed in the image name: Please use your business name or description followed by the photo credit. No spaces. . ie seine-boat-inn_photo-bjerritt.jpg

Listing Types

Complimentary [No charge] –

  • 1 Listing category selection
  • NEW Dedicated page with business details
    • Business name
    • Address
    • Town/community (may indicate “Regional” if a business is not community specific)
    • 1 Contact phone number
    • Up to 150 words of descriptive text
    • Logo, maximum width 250 pixels
    • Image, sized to 400 x 400 pixels (NOTE: Photo credit should be listed in the image name: Please use your business name or description followed by the photo credit, with no spaces, ie “seine-boat-inn_photo-bjerritt.jpg”)
    • Website
    • Google map

Enhanced [$95 annually] –

  • Up to 3 listing category selections; Option for up to 3 additional category selections (maximum of 6 categories total) available for $10 each/year
  • NEW Dedicated page with business details
  • TripAdvisor badge option displayed on your summary listing and dedicated business page. Please email to activate this feature.

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