Marine Tours are an excellent way to meet Vancouver Island North’s most celebrated residents, its marine mammals. Members of a population of some 260 fish-eating orcas known as the “northern residents” are often in the area in pursuit of salmon. The more stealthy mammal-eating population of orca known as “Transients” or “Bigg’s killer whales” are also often hunting in the area.

Vancouver Island North operators with marine tours view all of these magnificent creatures with respect. The small community of operators here is dedicated to ensuring safe, sustainable encounters that serve marine mammals and sightseers in equal measure. Captains closely adhere to “Be Whale Wise” guidelines that dictate that boats stay at least 100 meters away from any whales. That’s not to say these remarkable mammals won’t make a memorable encounter on their own terms.


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Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island North
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A 40,000 kg humpback whale leaps clear of the water and comes down with a thunderous crash
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Alert Bay Cabins

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Kayak tours viewing humpback whales
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