Walking With Giants

Hiking around the northern tip of Vancouver Island is an opportunity to awaken your senses.  The richness of this region is one that truly can be seen, smelled, felt and heard.  Find yourself off the beaten path on a stroll through a stand of majestic, old growth forest that radiates shades of green indescribable to anyone but those standing right beside you.

Hike beaches, trails, boardwalks or seawalls.  Fill your lungs with air rich in its complexity of organic loam, aromatic cedar, sea salt and an earthiness that only exists with nature’s unspoiled biodiversity.   Your boot will crunch leaves, sink softly into thick beds of moss, dip quickly through clear, cold streams, scramble over rocks millions of years old and sometimes even be the only footprints in the sand. CSWHC3Vancouver Island north is a place where culture and nature share space together.

The region is dotted with proof of where prior lives were lived and current long standing traditions remain.  Discover evidence of early Danish settlers at Cape Scott, visit the Finnish settlement of Sointula, marvel at the weathered totems of Alert Bay or get lost in the rhythm of the drum beat at a cultural dance performance that celebrates the aboriginal culture thriving today.

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